Ultimate Speed – How to Find Your Speed Bottleneck

Ultimate Speed – How to Find Your Speed Bottleneck

Ultimate Speed – How to Find Your Speed Bottleneck 1024 684 TPrimmz Digital Agency

Speed. Momentum. Violence. In the wise words of Dr. Disrespect, we’ll are going to be talking about not all 3 of these but just the first one, speed. We ran into a problem over the weekend with a client’s website being super slow and sluggish. We eventually solved the problem but thought it would be an excellent idea to give our readers a little insight into some of the tools that we ended up using to help diagnosis the problem! To diagnosis our speed problem we were having we used a website called Pingdom, and what they do is offer free speed test. One reason that we prefer using them is that they let you choose a server location that you would like to test from! THIS IS AWESOME! It allows you to get a better representation of the actual load time you would be getting from someone close/or in that region! In today’s blog we’ll be going through an example of a website/business that we love: Illegal Pete’s. You’re going to learn how to run the test and then more importantly understand all of the analytics that come back and how you can combat your slow load time.

Below is what the site will look like when you first load up the site. You can get to the site by clicking here!

From here you will want to insert the URL that you would like to test. Again, in this case we are going to be testing Illegal Pete’s Fort Collins branch. Once you have your URL inserted you then want to click the drop-down box and select where you would like the test to be performed from. In this case we’ll be testing from North America – USA – San Francisco. Then click Start Test.

Once you’ve started the test it would take roughly 2 ~ 3 mins. After it has completed the test you should be able to scroll down and see a couple of tables detailing what information they found.

In the case of our favorite Burrito place, they have an about average load time which, with all of the pages and outbound links and images they have that is pretty respectable. As you can see in the image it gives a performance grade (above an 80 is what we shoot for), it tells you how fast your load time took (.5 seconds – 1.5 second load time is ideal) and then goes on to tell you about your website and breaks it into categories showing what your most prevalent content is by tag. Once you have completed the test and proved that you don’t have a slow site then congrats! However, if you did the test and you are showing you do have a slow website then these next steps are for you! Some potential problems could be image size, an outdated CMS or more than likely it’s a server issue!

We are a creative agency in Fort Collins, CO that focuses on website Design & Development along with IOS/Android Applications and Desktop applications! Check out our latest blog post here! If you don’t see a topic and want to get our thoughts on it, shoot us an email or a comment and we’ll look at it. Cheers!

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