Bounce Rate: What is it and How to lower it

Bounce Rate: What is it and How to lower it

Bounce Rate: What is it and How to lower it 1024 768 TPrimmz Digital Agency

Bounce rate is the percentage of single page visits in which only one GIF request is sent to the google Analytics server. In layman terms bounce rate is the percentage of single page visits in which a person leaves your website from the landing page without browsing any further. When looking at Google Analytics users sometimes get caught up in asking the wrong questions like: Why is my conversion rate so low? I would argue that this factor is important but not as important previously thought. I think a more provocative question and helpful question to your businesses goal is: Why is my bounce rate so high? If people are coming to your website and not sticking around or completing the action you desire i.e. purchasing, then looking at conversions will do nothing productive. Putting your energy and time into bounce rate in the long term will have a positive effect on your business but also its conversions by default.

Below are a couple of ideas on how business can try to lower their bounce rate and in return start making ambassadors for their brands.

Idea #1

Create landing pages which are visually appealing and load fast.

This might seem like common sense however, you would be surprised by the number of websites that either have poor design or technical problems. If you have a landing pages which takes forever to load then you should expect a 100% bounce rate always. Consider removing some of your pictures or ads if you are running a lot. Visually appealing landing pages are the hardest part but the most rewarding when done correctly. Some reasons that people might be bouncing from your landing page is because of poor navigation, if people have to go around and search how to get from page to page they will leave. Another reason that customers might being leaving is that lack of structure, if your page lacks headings and sub-headings the customers will leave because they see no benefit or incentive from reading further.

Idea #2

Develop contents which can be consumed in a short period of time.

We have talked about this before in our blogs but we are seeing a cultural shift in our society where our attentions span is getting smaller and smaller. Website design needs to take this into consideration if it wants to be successful. No one wants to read through long strings of text to not find what they were looking for and have to re-read. Think of a website as a billboard in the sense that you have a very short amount of time to grasp their attention. Billboards don’t waste the space with small text, they want you to get the main message and the let you decide whether you want to find out more. I think this is the way our website designs should be for certain products. Now you might wonder if I design like a billboard what about the small details which, can be very important. I agree that small details can be important however, I think that the small details should be more focused on face-to-face interactions or over the phone when you already know that this person is interested you just need to show them the small details which, should be no problem!

Idea # 3

Create landing pages which satisfy visitor’s query

If you are getting the right traffic but your landing page doesn’t satisfy the visitor’s query then the website visitors are going to bounce the moment they arrive on your website. This is a very hard concept to balance because most businesses do not fit in cookie cutter categories. When creating your landing pages, you want it to display your call to action that represents the majority of your business. Another way that helps us create landing pages which satisfy the query is by thinking of the different ways that people search and the different words that you can put together to pull up your business. For example, if you have a concrete business think of how people looking for concrete would search for your business in Google and imagine what kind of information you would want to see when you first load up the page.

If you found this article helpful let us know! If you don’t see a problem that you are having in our database shoot us an email or a comment and we’ll look at it and see if we can help!

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