4 Things to Think About When Redesigning A Website

4 Things to Think About When Redesigning A Website

4 Things to Think About When Redesigning A Website 1024 609 TPrimmz Digital Agency

With every new website redesign comes with its own issue’s and dilemma’s unique to the company. Whether its functionality, design, content there is a plethora of issue’s that can come about. This post will dive in beyond just the visuals, including things like SSL’s, Hosting, Domains, Functionality etc. In this post we are going to talk about the 4 most relevant issues that TPrimmz has to solve on a day-to-day basis and how we try to tackle these problems when doing a website redesign.

Attention Span:

The attention span has been decreasing since the mobile revolution began roughly around the year 2000. A study came out in 2015 stating that the average attention span of people is around 8 seconds down from 12 seconds from the year 2000. Now, while 4 seconds might not seem like a long time (it is) it’s more of the principal behind it. The loading of a website is a huge deal. If you have to wait for the home page to load you can guarantee that a majority of people are not going to stick around and wait. Some things that could be causing this is too many plugins, oversized images, server performance/location. The point is that attention span is a common design philosophy that we consider and try to maximize.


This point has a lot to do with the previous point. As soon as your page loads your audience is going to make their opinion on whether they want to continue reading. This snap judgement can be seen in apps like Snapchat and Instagram. If you are browsing through your feed majority of the things you see are the same tried and true pictures or stories that you’ve come to expect and move quickly to get past them. However, once in a while you will scroll past something that will make you double take. At TPrimmz that is the type of reaction that we create when doing a website redesign. We want the community that has been there a million times, load up the page and for the first time in a long time, take a double take.

Age Groups:

The most glorious and maybe terrifying aspect of websites is that they can be viewed by every single demographic and is not limited to 1 specific set (in general). This has huge implications when doing a website redesign because you are coming in with a community that already has a website that they have grown to love. When redesigning a website its crucial to understanding the age group you are going to be working with. In general, it’s better to keep a lot of the core elements and then introduce new functions over the next months. At TPrimmz we have found that if you add too many new features it can alienate some of the community and have the opposite effect that we are looking for. It’s better to introduce features slowly and having test groups of different age groups helps quite a bit.


Numbers don’t lie. After you have done all this work of going through a website redesign the worst thing you could do for yourself and your company would be to not set up a Google Analytics Page for the new website design. When doing a website redesign, we at TPrimmz always recommend setting up a Google Analytics page. Some businesses don’t know about this service google provides or they know about it and think it’s too hard to set up or too expensive. The great news is that its FREE and its takes about 10 minutes to set up. The benefits that you get from google analytics is priceless and it allows you to get live updates on whether what you are doing to your online digital presence is hurting or helping it.

If you found this article helpful let us know! If you don’t see a problem that you are having in our database or want to get our opinion on something, shoot us an email or a comment and we’ll look at it and see what we can do!

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