3 Reasons Why You Should Switch From Squarespace to WordPress

3 Reasons Why You Should Switch From Squarespace to WordPress

3 Reasons Why You Should Switch From Squarespace to WordPress 150 150 TPrimmz Digital Agency

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get at TPrimmz is why we recommend building our websites on a WordPress compared to Squarespace and the answer is simple: its better. In this blog we are going to talk about the 3 major reasons that we, at TPrimmz, feel as though everyone of our clients should have their website built on WordPress compared to Squarespace. Those reasons are as follows: hosting, data transfer, ecommerce.


WordPress in itself is free, you are free to download, use change and build upon WordPress as it is a open source software. The cost of WordPress comes from the hosting plan which there are a ton of hosting companies to choose from: HostGator, SiteGround, Bluehost to just name a few.When building a website that lets you choose what hosting is crucial because this means that the customer/company only pays for the resources that you will be using.This is a major factor on why we recommend WordPress because it allows us to really dial in on what our client needs are and not waste money on services that will never get used.SquareSpace has 4 plans however, we are only going to focus on 2 of them which is the Business plan starting at $18 (if you sign for a year. $26 monthly) and their Advanced business plan $40 (if you sign for a year. $46 monthly). The highest price for SiteGround is $11.95 per month which includes way more than any small business owner would ever need or want. On top of this gigantic price difference SquareSpace charges up to 6% per transaction on your site if you choose the business plan and only 3% if you choose the advanced business plan. As a small business or even a stable business it is not a good long-term strategy to have money being taken from every transaction when there are other options that do it way better and give you what’s more important: control.

Data Transfer:

With any business agreement there is always a safety clause. Such as if you’re not happy then we will part ways without any hassle from either party. This same principle can be applied to online businesses in where if you are not happy with the current platform, you can take your work and move it elsewhere. WordPress comes built in with tools that are specifically designed to easily export all your data. Not just content or images but even your themes, plugins and the entire database. You can then easily move this content to any Content Management System (CMS) you want. SquareSpace on the other hand does not make it so easy when you want to leave. They give you a list of what will get exported and what will not get exported(this can be seen below). When you’ve spent hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars on building a website, maintaining it and making sure it has functionality do you really want all that to be thrown away and start from scratch?


Ecommerce is a way to push branding, business and for some businesses it’s the only way that they make cash revenue. Needless to say, making sure the ecommerce site is set up on a adaptable platform is key. WordPress allows you to integrate and use any payment processor or platform you want. There are many WordPress plugins that allow you to easily integrate PayPal, Google Checkout, Skrill 2Checkout and more! WordPress, as you can see, has plenty of payment options that can turn your website into an online store. Also, with WordPress there is no limit on how many products you are allowed to have on your website. For obvious reasons this is a huge deal. SquareSpace on the other hand is quite limited for ecommerce style websites. You can only use Stripe for payment processing. There is no other payment system available which restricts your ability to accept payments from a larger global audience. Fora growing business, starting with such limitations is not a good idea. Apart from that, if you do not have the advanced business plan ($46 mo.) there is a limit to the amount of products you are allowed to sell. Looking at it all together, WordPress outperforms Squarespace in every possible usage scenario. These are the main reasons that we highly recommend WordPress to our clients when asking us our opinion and when we break it down all of our clients agree. WordPress is the way to go.

If you found this article helpful let us know! If you don’t see a problem that you are having in our database shoot us an email or a comment and we’ll look at it and see if we can help!

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